We understand that our clients are best serviced by enabling them to focus on their core business activities.

Let Amanda James take care of the non-value-add tasks and activities that distract you and tie up your resources

  • Data entry (SAP Specialists)
  • Testing services (SAP Specialists)
  • Process and training documentation
  • Bookkeeping (MYOB specialists), receipts and expense management
  • Physical mail services (virtual postie)
  • Business process consulting
  • Customer relationship management
  • Organisation and de-cluttering service
We take data from spreadsheets, manually written timesheets, faxed sales orders, and enter it into your systems.
We are experienced at entering data into all SAP transactions.
We work with you to define test scripts and keep them up to date whenever there are changes.
We manually run testing and record results into your preferred system.
We can build automated test scripts and assist you with test management and change control.
We have vast experience in eCATT development, as well as HP and Rational tool sets for SAP.
We work with you to define your process and training documentation and keep it current with subsequent changes.
We perform general bookkeeping activities as well as managing your paper receipts; we categorise them and enter them into your chosen system, then scan the receipts and make them available to you electronically. We can also provide secure physical receipt storage if required.
We can arrange to have your mail collected or re-directed to us where we then open, scan and forward/distribute to you electronically.
We can also bank cheques or perform other physical mail activities.
We can securely store the mail, shred it or send it via an airbag to you.
We optimise your business processes .
We identify areas of greatest cost and help you minimise this.
We determine business activities with greatest contribution to profit/revenue and help you maximise this.
We help you gather and record customer and market segment related information.
We conduct surveys (including customer satisfaction), mail-outs, and assist with marketing campaigns.
We do follow-ups and provide assistance with customer care.
We assist you in filing, storage solutions and general organisation.
We will help you optimise your work space by removing and sorting peripheral clutter.
We implement systems and processes to allow you to efficiently manage inventory, assets, projects and daily business activities.