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Terms of Service, Privacy and Refunds

1. All content on www.zenithaerial.amandajames.com.au including images, logos, taglines and substantial portions of text, is considered to be the intellectual property of Amanda James Pty Ltd, and shall not be reproduced in any kind.

2. All personal information collected by www.zenithaerial.amandajames.com.au, including phone numbers, email addresses, property addresses and names, are used solely for the purposes of completing the operation and sending periodical, follow-up emails. Acquired information will be stored at the discretion of Amanda James Pty Ltd. Under no circumstances will personal information be released deliberately and Amanda James Pty Ltd is fully responsible in the case of a breach of security.

3. Commonwealth Bank is responsible for all security regarding payment and has their own terms and conditions by which both they and the customer must adhere to.

4. By paying for this service, the customer is giving permission to Amanda James Pty Ltd to conduct the given operation as per the terms agreed upon between both parties and Amanda James Pty Ltd must satisfactorily comply with these terms. It is mandatory that all information provided by the customer is true, up-to-date and accurate, failure to do so may be considered a breach of these terms. Placing a false or misleading order or using a false identity or unauthorised payment method in any way is a serious criminal offence and will be prosecutable by law.

5. All images/footage obtained by our remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) will not be distributed or publicly disclosed on any advertising material or on www.zenithaerial.amandajames.com.au unless authorised by the customer.

6. Any images taken by the aircraft, that are deemed indicative of potential damage or concerns relating to the condition of the customer's roof (at the discretion of Amanda James Pty Ltd), will be sent to a certified and licensed plumber for analysis. The plumber and Amanda James Pty Ltd may, therefore, comment on the condition of the customer's roof as per the evidence supplied by the image, however, will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from the comments made.

7. The operation is considered to be all components of the inspection, including arranging a date and time for the inspection with the customer, conducting the inspection, assessing footage/images, and emailing footage/images to the customer.

8. Satisfactory compliance and completion of the operation are at the sole discretion of Amanda James Pty Ltd within reasonable parameters. The pilot is not required to attempt to navigate obstacles or obstructions, such as trees or power lines, in order to fulfil the requirements of a thorough inspection.

9. In the event of injury and/or property damage to either party, Amanda James Pty Ltd will be liable and required to compensate the customer where appropriate, so long as the customer, or any individual associated with the customer, did not interfere with the pilot or pose any risk to the safe operation of the aircraft. This includes abusive language and/or actions towards the pilot. Failure to comply is considered to be a breach of these terms and Amanda James Pty Ltd will not be liable.

10. During operation of the RPA, the customer is allowed to view the streamed footage from the aircraft only if invited to by the pilot and so long as it does not jeopardise the safe operation of the aircraft.

11. In the case of external factors such as excessive wind, temperature, rain and/or any other factor or circumstance that jeopardises the safe operation of the aircraft, as determined by the pilot, the pilot may delay the operation.

12. After payment, the terms requested by the customer must be reasonable in that the pilot is able to safely operate the RPA, and has access to the property on the scheduled date if required. The scheduled date must be no later than six months after payment.

13. In the case that the customer is unsatisfied with the operation or any of its elements or components, the customer may request a refund.

14. Refunds will only be awarded if the operation was substantially unsatisfactorily completed where Amanda James Pty Ltd was solely responsible for such unsatisfactory completion. Refunds will be awarded if the final stage of the operation is not completed within five business days after the inspection or due to external factors, the inspection has been delayed for more ten business days since the scheduled date.

15. Any breach of these terms is sufficient reason for the pilot to abort the inspection and the customer will not be awarded a refund.